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    Canadian Visa Expert subcontracts immigration consultants to provide eligibility screening of CanadianVisaExpert.com end-users and to simplify the process using 5 easy steps:

    1. Pre-registration - One online form to determine which Canadian visa to pursue
    2. Requirements Gathering - A checklist of required documents needed for submission
    3. Document Review - A thorough review of all the government documents and legal paperwork
    4. Submission - Your case file is submitted to the Canadian immigration office
    5. Visa Authorization - Helping you through the medical review, security check and interview


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    Why Canada?

    • Great Healthcare - Canada has a national health care system that is ranked one of the  highest in the world
    • Job Opportunities - With a worker shortage and an aging workforce, immigrants can find employment in Canada
    • Sponsor Relatives - Committed to bringing families together, residents and citizens can sponsor relatives to come to Canada

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  • Our Advantages
    • We subcontract authorized immigration consultants
    • Comprehensive personal assessment
    • List of potential visa track options
    • Facilitate the official application process
    • Applications properly filed and questions answered 
    • Supplementary products and services available

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    General Requirements
    • Each program has different requirements;
    • 18 years or older
    • 1 year of employment
    • Advanced level of English or French
    • Most visas are based on a point system
    • Generally the minimum required points to be able to apply are 67 points.

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