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    A key reason that approximately 300,000 people from across the globe are applying for a Permanent Resident Visa to Canada each year is that there are jobs in Canada!  Canada’s expanding economy, combined with large numbers of Canadian workers retiring, has made this an excellent time to immigrate to Canada for many people.  This is because Canada’s government and businesses see the value of addressing growing labor shortages across Canada through Canadian immigration.  In other words, Canada has thousands of job vacancies to fill and immigrants want to secure these jobs in Canada.  Thus, with much of the world still struggling economically, increasing numbers of skilled foreign workers are thinking about Canada jobs as an attractive option for a better future. 


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    Consequently, if you want to work in Canada, this webpage will provide you with helpful information about various types of high-demand jobs Canada has available; samples of recent average salaries for a range of careers in Canada; and other useful information about jobs in Canada.  Keep in mind that the better you prepare for Canadian immigration, including how to search for Canadian jobs and actually secure work in Canada, the greater your chances of having a positive Canadian immigration experience.


    Jobs Canada Has to Offer


    For those looking for work, the good news is that Canada has a range of job openings to fill all across this huge, beautiful country – tens of thousands of them!  To better facilitate filling these various jobs, Canada has created different Visa Types that correspond to the major categories of Canadian jobs:




    • Provincial Nominee Program (similar to the Federal Skilled Trades Program in seeking skilled tradespeople, but with an emphasis on meeting the demands for these trades in particular Canadian provinces where there is a high demand for these occupations);


    As of 2020, approximately 79.1% of Canada’s workforce was employed in the services field, while about 19.4% worked in the manufacturing sector and 1.4% were employed in agriculture.


    Canada Jobs Pay Well


    Another reason that Canadian immigration is “hot” and attracting hundreds of thousands of foreign workers every year is that jobs in Canada pay well.  According to Canada's Job Bank website (December 2020), the median annual salary (i.e., midway between the highest and lowest salaries) in 2020 for various jobs in Canada were as follows:  


    Accountant ($67,200 CAD); Architect ($68,313 CAD); Audiologist & Speech-Language Pathologist ($74,880 CAD); Civil Engineer ($78,777 CAD); Computer Programmer ($72,864 CAD); Construction Manager ($78,470 CAD); Crane Operator ($60,000 CAD); Dentist ($118,394 CAD); Dental Hygienist ($67,545 CAD); Dietitian ($69,120 CAD); Electrical Engineer/Electronics Engineer ($86,649 CAD); Electrician ($61,440 CAD); Elementary/Primary School Teacher ($73,843 CAD); Financial & Investment Analyst ($68,563 CAD); General Practitioner/Family Physician ($211,934 CAD); Glazier ($52,224 CAD); Heavy-Duty Equipment Mechanic ($63,360 CAD); Human Resources Manager ($91,564 CAD); Ironworker ($74,611 CAD); Land Surveyor ($64,608 CAD); Logging Machinery Operator ($52,800 CAD); Machinist ($49,305 CAD); Mechanical Engineer ($76,800 CAD); Occupational Therapist ($76,800 CAD); Oil & Gas Well Driller, Servicer, Tester and Related Workers ($72,960 CAD); Optometrist ($86,115 CAD); Pharmacist ($104,646 CAD); Physiotherapist ($76,800 CAD); Plumber ($57,600 CAD); Psychologist ($84,672 CAD); Purchasing Manager ($92,313 CAD); Registered Nurse & Registered Psychiatric Nurse ($73,228 CAD); Retail & Wholesale Manager ($64,608 CAD); Secondary/High School Teacher ($78,777 CAD); Sheet Metal Worker ($58,675 CAD); Software Engineer & Designer ($87,686 CAD); Steamfitter, Pipefitter & Sprinkler System Installer ($76,800 CAD); University Professor & Lecturer ($92,313 CAD); Veterinarian ($85,074 CAD); Welder ($48,000 CAD).


    These jobs Canada offers and their median annual salaries are merely a small sample to help illustrate the point that if you want to work in Canada, particularly in a high-demand occupation, the pay and benefits are very competitive with other developed countries, such as the United States.  


    Canadian Workers Enjoy High Living Standards


    Although the US economy is much larger than the Canadian economy, people who live and work in Canada are actually better off in many ways than their American counterparts south of the border.


    For example, a 2020 report by the London-based Legatum Institute states that Canada is ranked #14 in the world for prosperity, compared to the United States which was rated in 18th place on Legatum's 2020 Prosperity Index. As of 2020, the median net worth of Canadian households ($329,900 USD) was among the highest found anywhere around the globe, including the United States where the median net worth of households in 2020 was $121,700 USD. In fact, people living in Canada became significantly wealthier during 2020, despite the economic disruptions associated with the global pandemic, and the extra cash Canadian consumers have available to spend is forecast to drive strong economic growth in 2021.    


    In December 2015, TD Economics reported that Canadian workers between the ages of 25-34 (i.e., the "Millennial Generation") also have a higher rate of home ownership than American millennials (i.e., 50% of Canadian millennials own their own homes vs. 36% of the young adults from the Millennial Generation in the USA who are homeowners). 


    Canadian residents are also entitled to free basic healthcare, while most Americans have to pay for basic healthcare.     


    The main point is that if you are looking for work, Canada has good paying jobs and offers a very high standard of living. To find out if you qualify to live and work in Canada, click here!


    DISCLAIMER: This guide is not and shall not be considered as professional or expert advice.




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