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    Canadian Visa Expert Reviews

    Please read the following testimonials by our valued customers who have used our immigration services to Canada:



    Zakir Hussain,


    It was my significant decision approaching Canadian Visa Expert and Great North Immigratin for my Canadian immigration process.


    They are very competent and proficient  in dealing the clients and accomplish the process in agile. I got my immigration done along with my family within a very exceptional period.

    I would obviously recomment their services for the Canadian Immigration.



    Rhinelle Cruickshank-Alexander


    Thank you Canadian Visa Expert for Making my dream of migrating with my family to Canada come true. Your team of professionals made the application process so simple for me. Feedback was always prompt and service exceptional. I just had to ensure that all the required documents were available, and everything went smoothly. I never excpected to become a perminant resident so quickly but that just shows the effeciency of the team of Canadian Visa Expert. I highy recommend Canadian Visa Expert to anyone who has the dream of moving to Canada. They worked for me; they can do the same for you! 



    Dear Chris Matthews,


     We have arrived to Calgary, Alberta on May 25th. We are pretty settled, as we have found an apartment to rent, my wife is taking English (LINC) classes. I have had some promising job interviews for which I am waiting for the results. We have our SIN numbers, health care cards, bank accounts, credit cards, building our credit history.


    Thank you and Canadian Visa Expert for helping us make our dream come true.



    Dear Thomas,


    On behalf of my family,I would like to express my sincere appreciation to you and Mr Amir
    Shuval and Ms Sigal Barak from your legal team for the assistance extended to my application for the Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP).


    Since our 1st tele-­.conversation and email correspondence in June 2014, my experience with Canadian Visa Expert has been excellent. In particular, Thomas,you have been forthcoming in sharing with me information on the administrative process pertaining to my application for the FSWP.


    You have also followed up with me immediately upon learning a new development on my application. I am very impressed with your zealous pursuit to deliver a spontaneous and personalized service.


    I would also like to convey my gratitude to Mr Amir Shuval who patiently checked through all my required documents and ensured proper filing of my application for the FSWP. His advice via email and short message service have been spontaneous and helpful in clarifying administrative process regarding the FSWP application.


    Gentlemen, please continue to keep up with your good work. May I wish you success I all of your future endeavors.



    Dear Rachel,


    I'm so happy to have chosen Canadian Visa Expert as a profile assessment provider. I'm working hard on gathering all the documents that prove my experience either career wise or educational wise. Once I gather all the documents (which will be soon) I will send them to you along with my CV in an email.


    It was lovely to get a call from your respectful organization and looking forward to starting this journey towards a new home where I can get my talent, experience, and ambition appreciated. 





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