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  • Top Canadian Job Opportunities in 2019

    Whether you are currently living in Canada and planning your career path, or an immigrant searching for employment opportunities, the 2019 ranking of the 100 top jobs in Canada is worth checking out. This informative career rating guide was published in May 2019 on the Canadian Business website and it has useful data about 100 of the best jobs in Canada this year.


    In addition to seeing the overall ranking for each of the careers that are listed, you will find the five-year forecast (2019-2024), as well as data about the increase of salaries and jobs in Canada during the past five years. The median annual salaries are also given for each of the Canadian jobs in the ranking. There is a related section of the report that focuses on the top 25 Canadian jobs and it offers further details about each of these promising occupations, such as the job description and educational requirements.


    When you review the full list of 100 top jobs in Canada, you will find occupations from a variety of business sectors, including healthcare, construction, engineering, energy, education, natural resources, business, finance, management, information technology and others.


    Nurse Practitioner was named as the best Canadian career for 2019, boasting a median salary of $104,000 per year. During the past five years, the number of people working in Canada as Nurse Practitioners has grown by an amazing 75 percent and their pay has increased a healthy 35 percent. The demand for Nurse Practitioners is expected to keep growing rapidly and the future looks bright for this top Canadian profession.


    Coming in second place in the occupational ranking is Dentist, which has a median yearly income of $93,600. Canadian job growth for Dentists over the past five years rose by a whopping 63 percent, while their median annual pay soared by 45 percent. As with Nurse Practitioners, the demand for Dentists in 2024 is expected to be higher than the number of professionals available to fill all of the Canadian job openings that are anticipated.


    The #3 best career in Canada this year, according to the report, is Utilities Manager. The median salary for Utilities Managers is $114,000 per year, but it can range, depending on the type of utility (e.g., electrical, water, natural gas, etc.). This high-paying Canadian career enjoyed a 16 percent rise in salary during the previous five years and also a 16 percent increase of new positions filled. Once again, the demand in Canada for Utilities Managers in 2024 is predicted to outpace the supply.


    To further demonstrate that Canadian employment tends to pay well, here are some more examples of the yearly median salaries (2019) for various jobs in Canada that are given in the report: Aerospace Engineers ($81,994), Construction Managers ($83,200), Financial Managers ($95,992), Human Resources Managers ($93,725), Marketing and Public Relations Managers ($82,285),  Oil and Gas Drilling Operators ($79,040), Pharmacists ($104,000), Pipefitting Supervisors ($81,120), Power Plant Operators ($72,800), Secondary School Teachers ($85,717), Software Engineers ($90,002), University Professors ($95,992), and Veterinarians ($86,674).


    It is no coincidence that many of the best Canadian careers for this year also qualify for Express Entry immigration to Canada. Employers are looking for skilled foreign workers to fill thousands of Canadian job openings in several different fields. To find out if you qualify to live and work in Canada, click here!    


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